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Oils & Candle
What Are Notes ?

              Nowadays we tend to shop everything online and everyday there is always something new to discover.

                                                       Candles are especially hard shop for.

      How do you know if this scent smells good? Well we are here to help you break down what these fragrant notes express                                                                     to help you purchase the right candle.

                                    There are 3 things you need to consider when purchasing a candle.

                                            These are your Top notes, Middle Notes and Base Notes.

                        Imagine these scent notes as a dessert trifle where each layer will compliment each other. 

    Top notes - Picture this as the "first impression" notes. This is the strongest scent you will smell once you open the lid.                                                                   It is vibrant but will evaporate quickly. 

    Middle Notes - This will be the body of the main fragrance. This will retain some of the top notes aroma while also                                      introducing new scents and will last longer than your top notes.

    Base Notes - This is the last to appear but forms the foundation of the fragrance. The scent is more rich and heavy and                                                                  completely rounds of the fragrance.

    This helps boost lighter notes while adding more depth. The base notes are slow to evaporate but the scent  becomes                                                                          pleasant and rich over time. 

 While keeping these notes in mind this will help you determine what each candle smells like without having to stress.   

                                   Not sure which candles to pick? Drop us an email, we’re happy to help!

                                                                   LIAMMILAN CANDLES 

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